Embracing an Active Lifestyle! GET OUT AND ENJOY THE SUMMER

Date Posted: 15/08/16

We’ve waited a long time for this… and it’s finally here. Welcome summer! Looking back, many will recall summers spent outdoors as kids and teens. On break from school, the days started early and ended late. After all, having waited months for treasured warmer days, there wasn’t a second to be lost. Sadly, today’s children and teens just don’t measure up… at least when it comes to physical activity. In fact, only 44 percent of children are getting 60 minutes of moderate-tovigorous- intensity physical activity on three days of the week (goal should be seven days/week), while 80 percent are getting only 30 minutes. Though it is promising to see that most Canadian children and youth are getting at least some physical activity, the challenge moving forward is encouraging them and providing the required resources to enable them to increase both their duration and frequency.

Remember, no one group owns Canada’s physical inactivity crisis. Just as the support of government and educational institutions is essential to raising the grade, parents also have a role.

Fortunately, there’s no better time than the summer.

Here are some tips to get the most out of the season and develop long-lasting, healthy habits:

Limit screen time

Yes, this means there will be days your kids aren’t your biggest fans.

Leave the car at home

Active transportation, to school and whenever possible, makes it easy.

Be a role model

Get moving yourself. Be the active lifestyle you want for and expect of your kids.


Assign responsibilities to the kids like walking the dog and other household chores that encourage activity and that also break up periods of sedentary time like homework.


Set aside time each weekday with longer periods on the weekends to be active as a family. This might mean a bike ride, dog walk, a game of backyard badminton, or bouncing on our large backyard trampoline.


Strive for a balance between structured activities and plenty of time for free play with friends.

Most importantly, get out and enjoy the summer. After all, it only comes once a year!

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