GET FLOORED: Today’s Hardwood Sets New Standards.

Date Posted: 30/06/16

If you’ve ever designed or renovated a home, chances are that selecting and installing hardwood flooring was on your to-do list. A key component in establishing the look and unique personality of a residence, hardwood is one of the most important finishing features of any home. In response to increasing demand for a wider range of product, manufacturers of engineered hardwood flooring have been making major strides to ensure that the range of styles, colours, and materials available will allow for a final design that’s as unique as your vision. Even installation processes have evolved so that your preferred flooring can easily fit any space. Here are some of the terms, trends and processes we’re seeing come to market:

SMOKING This is also known as fuming and is a technique that gives both depth and dramatic colour. Not only will it enrich the surface of the wood, it will also change the colour all the way through, so it remains even after sanding the floor. This is a smart choice for eco-conscious consumers as the process contains no dyes.

OIL STAINS and natural oils are remarkable finishes that offer excellent durability and renewability, while providing a unique, natural appearance. Mixed with colour, the oil becomes part of the wood by penetrating, bonding and hardening with the first layer of wood.

SURFACE TREATMENTS such as wire-brushing, hand-scraping and distressing are popular with homeowners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a more old world, natural, rustic finish. Chalking refers to a surface technique that enhances the grain of the wood creating a three-dimensional look.

WIDTH AND LENGTH are no longer a restriction to engineered hardwood floors. Not only are planks that measure 3 ó” to 10” wide and lengths that reach 8’ long achievable, buyers can feel secure knowing that the technology will support these dimensions even when exposed to stressful conditions caused by very high or low humidity levels.

APPLICATION Whether your project requires a floating click-together installation, a floating glue-together installation, a staple-down or glue-down installation, your flooring selection should not be determined by the installation method. High quality engineered hardwood flooring has the technology to perform to the highest standards, regardless of which method you choose.

PATTERNS Since the 18th Century, when the Parquet de Versailles were first used at Louis XIV’s palace in Paris, these stylish boards have been at the height of fashionable wooden flooring. Other patterns such as chevron and herringbone are also classics and they are all making a comeback. These beautiful patterns require skilled installers and precise milling; factors that will drive up your installation budget. That said, if you can afford it, the final look is worth the expense.

Remember, it is important that the installation team you choose is highly skilled on any hardwood flooring pattern and able to ensure a final result that is nothing less than perfect. Look for lifetime warranties that cover both the installation and the products. Once you’ve found the company that lets you choose from a variety of shades and treatments, widths and textures, patterns and applications, you’ll create a floor that is as unique as your vision.

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